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Storytelling is my passion - particularly oral histories. I am working on the new book COTTON: Voices from the Fields. There will be a complementary video produced to accompany the book. We will post the teaser video when it's completed. Collecting oral histories is important in preserving living history.

Cotton oral histories from Mississippi. This is a rough cut while
we are editing new content. The book is still being written. 

In 1916, Dave Smith bought the 125-acre cotton plantation that his parents were enslaved on. In 2016 his descendants celebrated the centennial of owning the land. 

Delta Center for Culture and Learning needed a video about the International Blues Project. This is the teaser for the program

Film about Clyde Kennard, a Korean War veteran who was denied
entry into University of Southern Miss during the 1950s. 

Civil Rights stories from the Delta Jewels, the women from my book. I interviewed 54 African American women who share poignant highlights of their lives during the Jim Crow era in Mississippi Delta.

Bobby D. Steele, Jr. found out he had kidney cancer. Surgery was in August 2009. I was his fiancee at the time and wanted to document his journey so he'd never forget how strong he was during this time. We married in 2010.

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