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I lost my beloved grandmother over 20 years ago. I missed her increasingly over the years, and decided that with the skills that I had, I would pay it forward and interview and photograph over people's grandmothers. I needed them in my life, and wanted their wisdom. This personal project turned into a book and my life is so much fuller because of their love and kindness. They shared so others could learn. ~ scroll down to watch videos and see photos of them. As of 2015, I've done 85 speaking engagements about this work. All photographs and text are copyrighted. No reproduction without permission from author.

"Diamonds don't shine like this book's treasures." 

 ~ Roy Blount,Jr. 
~ Reena Evers-Everette

"A captivating journey for those who want to relive the essence of our loved ones who can no longer touch."

This window into the Mississippi Delta is a labor of love by Alysia Steele -- to bring us to the lives of the warrior queens and rescuers known as grandmothers. To meet them is to be rescued and inspired. If they did so much, who are we not to do whatever we can.
Buy the book." 

- Gloria Steinem

In July 2015, NYT best-selling author, Bishop T. D. Jakes, sent a film crew to document me in a docu-series. Bishop selected three U.S. artists to highlight them pursuing their destiny to accompany his book "Destiny." 

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